Specialists in Photon Counting

Photon Counting Detectors

PDM Series from Micro Photon Devices: Silicon Photon Counting Detector – 30ps timing resolution.

The PDM and PDF series photon counting detectors have a photon detection efficiency of 49% at 550nm and 30ps timing resolution. These modules have ultra low dark counts and low-power consumption making these modules very robust, ie: will not get damaged with high light levels.

Detailed information available at Micro Photon Devices.


SPC2 from Micro Photon Devices: Photon Counting Camera.

The SPC2 series single photon counting cameras are based on the new Single Photon Imaging Detector (SPID), which enables parallel single photon counting by means of a monolithic array of 1024 SPAD (32 rows by 32 columns) with integrated counting electronics.

Detailed information available at Micro Photon Devices.


InGaAs Photon Counting Detector from Micro Photon Devices: IR Detection up to 1700nm.

The InGaAs Single Photon Counter is a module based on InGaAs/InP Single Photon Avalanche Diode (SPAD) for the detection of near-infrared single photons up to 1700 nm.

Detailed information available at Micro Photon Devices.


Super Conducting Nanowires from Quantum Opus:  Continuous mode operation, high detection efficiency.

Quantum Opus has developed Single Photon Counting detectors based on superconducting nanowires.  The nanowires have >80% efficiency at 1550nm, and by tuning of the resonant cavity, the nanowires can achieve extremely high detection efficiency (greater than 85%) at target wavelengths between 700nm and 1300nm.  In addition, they have low dark counts, fast timing resolution and count rates of 20Mcps.  Quantum Opus provides a complete turn-key solution with a compact closed-cycle cryocooler that can support up to 16 detector channels.  Systems with more channels are also available as custom designs.

Detailed information available at Quantum Opus.